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Greg Bell Profile Picture

Greg Bell


Greg is a life-long resident of Miamisburg. He is a graduate of Miamisburg High School and Franklin University. Following his father and grandfather before him, he, along with his brother Tim, owned and operated Bell Vault & Monument, Inc. Greg, and Margaret are runners and they have been involved with and/or been the directors of the ORRRC/City of Miamisburg Turkey Trot for over 25 years. Greg believes strongly in giving back to the community and feels the foundation is a great way to do just that.

Shon Myers Profile Picture

Shon Myers


Shon Myers currently serves as Chairman, President, & CEO of Farmers & Merchants Bank and its holding company F&M Bancorp in Miamisburg, Ohio. Mr. Myers received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Kentucky Christian University. In addition, Mr. Myers graduated from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking program. He gives back through service with a variety of organizations and voluntary board positions. Some activities include being an active member in Rotary International, member of Miamisburg Municipal Trust Fund Finance Committee, current Board Member of the Community Bankers Association of Ohio and serves on committees for Independent Community Bankers of Americas. Shon and his wife of twenty plus years have two children.

Keith Basinger Profile Picture

Keith Basinger


Dr. Basinger earned his Doctor of Optometry from The Ohio State University. After graduation he completed a Residency in Cornea and Contact Lens at Ohio State. He is a member of the City of Miamisburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the Past President of the Miamisburg Rotary, and is active in the Ohio Optometric Association. His outside interests are computers, home improvement, and keeping up with Connor, Sarah and Savannah, his three children.

Shelby Spurlock Profile Picture

Shelby Spurlock


Shelby Spurlock works full time as the Miamisburg Community Center Manager. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Shelby has experience in account management, customer relations and administrative support in numerous environments. Shelby is honored to serve for a foundation making great impact on our community.

Tom Croskey Profile Picture

Tom Croskey


Tom Croskey is a local Attorney At Law, a native of Miamisburg and married to Barbara. Prior to opening a law practice in Miamisburg in 1991 he served as General Counsel for CBC Companies, Inc. in Columbus. Tom was also a former Centerville HS teacher and soccer coach. He attended Miami University and the University of Toledo, College of Law. He has served as President of the Miamisburg Board of Education and the Miamisburg Rotary Club, and presently serves as a Director of Farmers & Merchants Bank.

Vanessa Glotfelter Profile Picture

Vanessa Glotfelter


Vanessa Glotfelter currently serves as the Director of Engineering for the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (MCTID). MCTID is engaged with projects at the request of other Montgomery County governments to improve safety, increase mobility, and build connectivity in local communities, while stimulating economic development and enhancing the quality of life throughout the region.

Glotfelter received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio. With 20+ years in the Architectural/Engineering Industry, Glotfelter has experience in transportation design, project development & execution, strategic planning, business development, talent recruitment, mentoring and management. She has performed roadway design projects for clients including the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and other municipal and federal agencies.

Currently residing in Miamisburg with her husband Dave and two sons, Glotfelter is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers, as well as a member of the Built Environment Advisory Board for Sinclair College. In addition to being recently elected as Chair of the Miamisburg Planning Commission, she is Past-President of the Dayton Society of Professional Engineers, and she chairs the Executive Women’s Council for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Niels Winther Profile Picture

Niels Winther


Managing Partner, Chairman of the Board and Owner of Think Patented, Dayton, Ohio.

A seasoned executive, known as a visionary leader and motivator of employees, Niels’ communication and interpersonal skills have helped him in the boardroom and production floor alike. He has held positions as President or CEO in several major firms, including Heidelberg USA Inc., Baumfolder, and The East Asiatic Company, and has been a Board member in dozens of others throughout his career.

He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Business and Industry from Ferris State University.

Proud US Citizen since 2014

Board Member, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Dayton, OH
Board Member, Whitlam Label Company Inc., Detroit, Michigan
Board Member, Mound Development Corporation, Miamisburg, Ohio
Board Member, Miamisburg Community Foundation, Miamisburg, Ohio
Member, United Way of Greater Dayton Donor Advisory Board

Steve Divnick Profile Picture

Steve Divnick


Steve Divnick is a former high school teacher-turned-inventor and engineer with over 40 years of business experience, product development, and distribution on a global scale. His early inventions are within the automotive industry which included the first warning system when headlights were accidentally left on which quickly became standard on all vehicles until the era of automatic lights.

He invented Spiral Wishing Well Coin-Spinning fund raising devices that have raised over $1 billion for charities around the world. Steve also provides free consulting and fund raising strategies that help churches, schools, museums, zoos, libraries, and all other types of charities raise much needed revenue.

Another product line includes adjustable loft telescopic golf clubs and most recently, golf ebikes that are changing the way golf is played. He also built a line of unique telescopic clubs for trick-shot artists that include 4-headed clubs, 30-foot long drivers, and 9-foot long putters. He is known in the golf industry as, “The Most Interesting Man in Golf!”

In the early days of Voice Over Internet, he created Voxwire which hosted online meeting rooms of up to 1,000 people. He sold Voxwire to a New York telecommunications company and this technology has now become widespread and common for online learning and virtual business meetings.

As an inventor, he helps other inventors with free counsel and guidance. He doesn’t recommend patent-mills which tend to take advantage of inexperienced inventors.

Steve volunteers at several local charities, and serves on the board of the Good Neighbor House in Dayton. He believes in the “Pay It Forward” concept and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the Miamisburg Foundation.

Gail Fink Profile Picture

Gail Fink


Gail has resided in Miamisburg for most of her adult life. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Gail has worn many hats over the years including Social Worker, wife to Mike for 42 years, mother, grandmother and volunteer. Gail has been a member of the Miamisburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for twelve years, serving as Chairman when The Miamisburg Community Foundation was being formed. She is honored to serve on the Miamisburg Community Foundation Board in an effort to provide enrichment to the community for generations to come.

Keith Johnson Profile Picture

Keith Johnson

Trustee Ex-Officio

Keith Johnson is the City Manager of Miamisburg, Ohio.

Ryan Davis Profile Picture

Ryan Davis

Trustee Ex-Officio

Ryan Davis is the Director of the Miamisburg Parks & Recreation Department. Ryan was born and raised in Miamisburg and started working for the Parks & Recreation Department when he was just 14 years old. Now, as the leader of the department, Ryan’s mission is to build on the community spirit, vitality and unique characteristics that make Miamisburg such an amazing city. Ryan is focused on ensuring the department is meeting its mission of providing parks and recreation experiences that positively impact the community. The Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to work alongside the department to improve, expand and update how Miamisburg Parks & Recreation serves the community.

Michelle Collins Profile Picture

Michelle Collins

Trustee Ex-Officio

Michelle is a lifelong resident of Miamisburg. She has owned and brokered Collins Real Estate Services for almost 34 years. She has been a member of Miamisburg City Council and now serves as the Mayor of Miamisburg. She’s a board member of the Miamisburg Historical Society, the Miamisburg Merchants Association and past board member of The Plaza Theatre and The Baum Opera House. “I know first-hand that Miamisburg thrives from generous residents who volunteer the time and money in our community. I couldn’t be happier to serve on the foundation!”