Our Purpose

My Fellow Citizens,
It is not news that we are living in a more interesting world than any of us would have thought possible. It may seem that this spinning orb we share with 7.7 billion fellow souls, has suddenly shifted on its axis. If you are like me, you feel completely overwhelmed as to what can, should or must be done. As only one person there seems little we can do for our cousins across oceans. Our country and our state seem beyond our grasp as well. So, it is left to us to make what difference we can in our own community. It is up to us to do what we can for our own families and neighbors. First make sure you and yours are safe. Next keep an eye on your neighbors, especially if they may be at risk or alone. We need to limit physical contact but not contact all together. We are social animals, we need each other, we want to be a part of our community. This is normal, this is good. Don’t shake hands but don’t isolate yourself, or those around you. Miamisburg has been through a biblical flood, a toxic train derailment, exploding chemical wells and a horrific flu epidemic that killed a significant percentage our citizens. Miamisburg will get through this pandemic too. We are that kind of town.
If you need help or just want to ask a question, please send an email or give me a call. On behalf of the board of trustees of your Miamisburg Community Foundation, I ask you to be safe, and know that together, when this scourge has run it’s course, we will all be stronger.
Greg Bell
President, Miamisburg Community Foundation 937-847-6401


Special Projects

Special Highlighted Project 1 Image

Dog Park

The Miamisburg Community Foundation is pleased to announce its next signature project for the community: a dog park!

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Special Highlighted Project 2 Image

Welcome to Miamisburg Mural

A brand new mural on our brand new street. Drive down Water Street and see the mural on the back of The Plaza Theater.

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